NIREOS is a spin-off company from Politecnico di Milano and is located in Milan (Italy). In the last 5 years, in our laboratories we have developed an innovative interferometer with unrivalled performances in terms of precision, stability and spectral working range. Based on this device, we offer a series of products for spectroscopy, such as spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrofluorimeters and spectropolarimeters.

Our main customers are represented by scientific research labs as well as R&D and quality control departments of companies that exploit the power of spectroscopic analysis to monitor the quality of their processes and the properties of their products.


Our Team

Fabrizio Preda


Research Fellow, Physics Department,

Politecnico di Milano

Dario Polli


Associate Professor, Physics Department,

Politecnico di Milano

Antonio Perri


PhD student, Physics Department,

Politecnico di Milano

Giulio Cerullo

Scientific Advisor

Full Professor, Physics Department, Politecnico di Milano

Filippo Zanetti

Business Advisor

Business Angel & Mentor