♦ GEMINI-2D


GEMINI    —    an ultrastable interferometer  

GEMINI is a novel and compact interferometer that can guarantee very high robustness and stability between the two generated replicas of light.  

The exceptional performances of this device can be exploited in many different applications, such as:

  • time- and frequency-resolved fluorescence
  • coherent Raman spectroscopy
  • pump-probe spetroscopy
  • fluorescence microscopy on single molecules

Download the GEMINI Brochure here!


NEW: GEMINI-2D    —    for a total control on light dispersion

GEMINI-2D Interferometer is the advanced model of the GEMINI, specially designed to:

  • keep constant the dispersion during the scan of the relative delay between the two generated replicas of light
  • keep fixed the absolute arrival time of one of the two replicas (with attosecond stability)

The capability of generating two collinear replicas of the light makes the GEMINI-2D the ideal device for time-resolved measurement, in which preserving the pulse duration and the synchronization with another light pulse is crucial to guarantee the time resolution. 

The GEMINI-2D has been developed for two-dimensional electronic (2D) spectroscopy experiments, to generate a pair of collinear phase-locked and ultra-short pump pulses. 

Download the GEMINI 2D Brochure here!